nothing something

"...these sessions seem to be a signal moment for Kaufmann and Moore, one for examining every little aspect of how they interact.
The music is a monument to sustained, unflinching (and deeply satisfying) introspection. Indeed, if you let yourself explore these discs – straight through, on permanent shuffle, or in stages (I tried a few variations) – you’re given a microscopic tour of duo art. These Ramboys are rarely fevered, yet they never stand still. They contain some extraordinary music-making. "                                                                                                                                                                            Greg Buium,

Achim Kaufmann & Michael Moore
Nothing Something

Scène en miniature
Unswaddled blues
Or greens much like the syllables
Of a scarf, wolving distance
Gone chaste, familiar
As eavesdroppings in a story
Callosity-ridden, lending speech
To leaves, their edges perplexing
As absence when 10:00 a.m. laughed once
And was lost between
Afterthoughts composing
One landscape, two reasons

Michael Moore - alto saxophone, clarinet
Achim Kaufmann - piano

all music by Kaufmann/Moore except Quurus by Achim Kaufmann

recorded by Roy Carroll at Studio Boerne Berlin, May 2011
and by Wolfgang Hoff and Peter Schladebach at Saal3/rbb Berlin,
February 2012

Produced by Kaufmann/Moore (Studio Boerne tracks) and Ulf Drechsel/rbb
Photo and design by Isabelle Vigier
Ramboy  #31A