something nothing
Achim Kaufmann & Michael Moore
Something Nothing

Couple, stilted walk
Once in a while
Ancient Greek
Duo fragments
Asian pear
Heavy day

Michael Moore - alto saxophone, clarinet
Achim Kaufmann - piano

all music by Michael Moore except Disappearing, Quurus, and Veuilly by Achim Kaufmann
recorded by Wolfgang Hoff and Peter Schladebach at Saal3/rbb Berlin, February 2012
produced by Ulf Drechsel/rbb
photo and design by Isabelle Vigier
Ramboy  #31B


   "...the spirit here often put me in mind of the pianist’s excellent pair of turn-of- the-century groups, Trio Kamosc and the Gueuledeloup Quartet. It might just be the sound of these men together – Moore was the lone horn in each of those bands – but it’s also the overarching culture of these new duets. Kaufmann’s writing has always maintained an elegant, sharply cut melancholy. Disappearing, for instance, is a sweet and somber chamber-music line, something North Americans once called European jazz. Moore quietly pulls Kaufmann toward his own improvisation, as the piece bobbles in and out – appearing, receding – giving Kaufmann a chance to refashion every corner of his script. At times, there is so such symmetry to the way these men work, that I kept falling into cliché. It may be perverse, but the clichés felt just right – that Moore and Kaufmann were of the same mindin sync, that they were just so comfortable in the moment."
Greg Buium,